This weekend, Saturday 9th August, sees the start of the Kokanee Crankworx festival in Whistler BC.

Hopefully we'll be getting some exclusive video snippets for you over the next 9 days of the competition, so stay tuned for that one.

I know the Olympics kick off today, but they ain't got too many extreme gravity sports as yet so you're better off not watching too mcuh of that.

The bumpf on the Crankworx website says: "

In the five years since its inception Kokanee Crankworx has become the proving ground, inspiring heroes like Basagoitia, Gracia, Zink, Lopes and McCaul to throw it down nuclear bomb style. This year we've amplified the zenith of all things Dirt & Down with two new events: Best Trick and Giant Slalom. One sees the world's top slopestyle athletes push the limits of aerial ingenuity, while the other challenges racers with high-speed, head-to-head combat through the Boneyard's cruel core. Off-road electricity hardwired to the soul of mountain biking's next generation of backflippin, tailwhippin, 720 huckin' superstars. "

Sounds good eh?

Saladini leads. World Cup 4X, Maribor, Slovenia

Here's a diary of what's going on.

Kokanee Crankworx 2008