Kenny Smith joins Devinci Global Racing

We've just had this video beamed over from the Devinci guys in Canada and it looks like the team is getting a boost in rider numbers with the addition of Kenny Smith to the team. He's not registered with the DH race team alongside Steve Smith, Mark Wallace and Dean Lucas but as bike ambassador which from the sound of the press release sounds like a bang tidy job! Kenny seems to love his dog too, there doesn't seem to be any significance to him carrying it round in a baby harness but maybe that just typifies the second Smith on Devinci. Check out the gallery at the bottom too for a closer look at Kenny's uplift rig.

Press Release

Cycles Devinci adds ripper Kenny Smith to the roster

Located between Whistler and Vancouver’s Lower Mainland, the town of Squamish, B.C., is a year-round mecca for rock jocks, migrating salmon, and legendary loggers. It’s also home to Cycles Devinci newest bike ambassador, Kenny Smith, who adds “hein-y" elements to that sea-to-sky scene in the form of big lines and massive personality.

“We’re stoked to have Kenny on board," says DGR team manager, Gabe Fox. “He brings a fun, youthful edge to the program. And I look forward to seeing him get loose this season."

On DGR, Smith joins Whistler-based teammate Ian Morrison and longtime friend, Stevie Smith. “It’s a reunion of sorts," he says. “Along with Gabe [Fox], Stevie and I both rode for Cove Bikes back in the day. And I’ve been exploring Whistler trails with Morrison for years. It feels good to be part of the Devinci effort. It’s a Canadian brand with a strong local following."


Similarly, Smith’s efforts have also landed him loyal subscribers over the years. His riding graces everything from magazine covers to top freeride vids. And as a connoisseur of “The Hein"—an expression Smith conjured to describe the heinous nature of his infamous stunt work—he’s left indelible impressions on gawkers everywhere.

Fan favorite riding elements include a thunderbolt of trail domineering speed and agility meets an artist’s eye for stylistic expression. Of course, the man, myth, and speed-metal addled legend wouldn’t exist without some random acts of eccentricity, as well. Take, for instance, the time Smith reportedly jumped from Whistler’s GLC patio, nabbed a flailing grouse in mid-air, and hand-skinned it in front of hundreds of shocked, beer-buzzed onlookers.

Did it happen? Doesn’t matter. Fact is Smith’s story on-and-off the bike is often stranger (and more awesome) than fiction. Catch him at key events like RedBull Rampage and Crankworx in 2015, as well as in several feature film projects slated to drop soon.