Saladini leads. World Cup 4X, Maribor, Slovenia

We ask Julien Camellini "When was the last time....?"

When was the last time:

You upset your neighbours?

Every day when I put the music too loud.

You won a race?

2nd of March 2008 in St Maxime.

You hurt yourself?

In January, fell on my knee and had to stop training for 2 weeks.

You brought something you didn't need?

The day after my injury I bought the PS3.

You heard a good joke? (What was it?)

My girlfriend. she told me that the thing she prefers about me are my muscles. we laughed so much after that.

You fixed a puncture?

Last Saturday on my downhill bike.

You scared yourself?

When I crashed in January. My knee was so sore and I thought the season was finished.

You saw something that made you go "Holy Shit!"

Sam Hill in Champery.

You did some actual digging with a spade?

On Wednesday with Nico we finished our little track.

You heard a really good song?

Simply at home, when I received a podcast from a French DJ. Sebastien B

You broke the law?

Just a parking ticket while I was watching Manchester United v Lyon, but I'm quite lucky because I used to drive quickly and I've got all my points on my driving licence.

Did a good deed?

Helping an old lady in the bus.

You puked your guts up?

In January I had a food poisoning.

You bust something on your bike?

I lost a very important bolt on the linkage of the m6 and I had to go and see a friend to make a new one.

Felt so good, you thought you could fly?

After Maribor World Cup. it's been very important result for me.

Sebastien B