Chris Roberts has just sent me this memo about The Fourcross Alliance. It's written by a guy called Zdenek Pol so the poor grammar here is him not me this time. Looks like change is blowing in the wind.

Dear friends,

The conclusion from the first ever Fourcross Workshop held on May 1st in Houffalize was clear… The Fourcross is wasting wide range of opportunities just because there is no official representative for our discipline that could be taken as a serious partner for UCI, UEC, national federations, media, organizers, track builders, athletes, teams and sponsors. They all could help Fourcross to be bigger and better. The problem was that we were nothing but individuals with almost no power to change anything. The Fourcross Workshop was great take-off for months of further talks leading in the unique agreement: After eight UCI 4X World Cup seasons it is about time to establish an official platform open to anybody involved in Fourcross.

Ladies and gentlemen, join THE FOURCROSS ALLIANCE!

The constituting meeting will take place in Schladming, Austria on Friday September 18th at 10 am. Anyone interested in 4X is welcomed. See you in the Haus Barbara, right in front with the finish area! Location map

We kindly ask you to confirm your attendance beforehand but latest on Thursday September 17th afternoon. Please provide us with your email address and your cell phone number. In case that number of attendees would exceed capacity of the currently reserved meeting room and we'd need to change it for a bigger one, you will be informed via emails and sms.

The foundation members of The Fourcross Alliance are:

- Chris Roberts, Great Britain. National Points Series 4X organizer.

- Scott Beaumont, Great Britain. Professional 4X rider.

- Zdenek Pol, Czech Republic. Czech 4X Cup organizer and riders' representative.

The agenda:

01) Introducing The Fourcross Alliance (FA) idea

02) Targets

03) Topics: rules, tracks, media, continental series, etc.

04) Members

05) Structure

06) Suggestions:

- WC Commissars (rule guide)

- WC Permanent numbers

- WC Points structure

- WC Manager meetings timing

- WC Qualifying (hot seat, reverse order)

- WC Leader's jersey vs. number plate

- Marking of the tracks

- Continental Championships

- Media (press conferences)

There are tons of other various issues to be discussed. Please make your little homework and - preferably before the meeting starts - please let us know what do you think should be also mentioned.

Please pass this message on anybody who could be interested in. Thank you! Thanks also to Gerhard from team R.S.P. for securing our meeting room in Haus Barbara.

Looking forward to see you soon.

Zdenek Pol | Polis.Media

Phone: +420 602 492 306

Fax: +420 325 611 774

Skype: zdenek-pol

Want to make World Cup 4x bigger and better? Then join the The Fourcross Alliance