The overall standings have been updated, and it's Jerome and Tracy who lead the series going into the next round at Colorado. Tracy has a giant lead over anyone else in the competition, she's 380 points ahead of second placed Cecile Ravanel, is anyone going to be able to catch her this year?

In the men's it's a totally different story, there is only 160 points separating the top three it's all very much to play for. I think it's going to stay pretty tight for the rest of the season too!


1. Jerome Clementz - 1340

2. Nicolas Vouilloz - 1226

3. Jared Graves - 1180

4. Remy Absalon - 900

5. Fabien Barel - 832

(Full results below)



1. Tracy Moseley - 1800

2. Cecile Ravanel - 1420

3. Ines Thoma - 960

4. Emmeline Ragot - 920

5. Anneke Beerten - 880

(Full results below)

[pdf url="" height="750"] [pdf url="" height="750"]