Dirt blogger and Champery digging champion Ben Walker has been at it again cutting a trail from Les Crosets down to Champery, Switzerland, he's posted the pics on his Dirt Blog check it out. What interested me was that huge walking excavator contraption, I had a quick search on Google and found a similar one called a Menzi Muck for sale for £58,944 GBP, any one want to chip in?

This is the machine Ben Walker is using.

You've got to agree that's a fairly steep slope to be digging on, isn't it?

Saladini leads. World Cup 4X, Maribor, Slovenia

This one looks fairly similar to the one Ben Walker is using.

Here's the spec:

John Deere Diesel engine 4 cylindre 104 Kw / 140 PS

governed to 2'000 rpm

Displacement 4'500 ccm

Electrical system 24 V

Battery capacity 2 x 95 Ah

Starter 7.2 kW

Alternator 45 Amp / 100 Amp

Hydraulic System Soziales Load Sensing

Working hydraulics 220 l/min.

Driving hydraulics 160 l/min.

Powerline 170 l/min.

Speed (2 Levels) up to 10 km/h

Smallest turning circle 12,0 m

Weight (without accessories) 11'500 kg

Maintenance intervals 500 h

Basic data on the Menzi Muck A111

Brant has just emailed to say that actually the above is the best digging machine. However this beast would probably chew your entire hill in to a pile of dust that would simply get blown away in the wind rather than sculpting a perfect trail.

Is this the best track digging machine in the world?