The internet forums have been ablaze today with news of the demise of Iron Horse bikes, but there has been nothing official from the company itself. So we've done a bit of ringing around and this is what we have learnt. It appears that Iron Horse's parent company World Wide Cycle Supplies (a group that also includes Columbia bikes, Jeep bikes and K2 bikes) has gone bust. And it seems that those three companies, Columbia, Jeep and K2, have been sold to a new company possibly made up of former employees. Now Iron Horse itself seems to be in a bit of limbo. It is not sold as yet, but could be bought soon, maybe as early as next week. As we said, none of this information is official or confirmed, so things may change.

We would also like to make it clear that for UK Iron Horse distributor, Jim Walker, it is business as usual, no need to panic.

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