On April 4th & 5th, 021 Racing is proud to bring you the first round of the 2009 Irish Downhill National Points Series, to be held just outside Cahir, Co. Tipperary.

Saladini leads. World Cup 4X, Maribor, Slovenia

Race Track

The race will take place on the same track as last year’s nationals. 021racing have been doing considerable work on the track to improve weather proofing, improve the flow of the track and considerable work has been done to improve the run-ins and the lips of the jumps. A number of new jumps and berms have been added, and a new faster section with two nice jumps has been added to bypass the slower, boggier section around the bomb hole from last year’s track. This newly improved track will show more favour to the bike handling skills of the rider than the amount of pedalling practice put in over the winter!

Starting on top of the hill with great views of the surrounding countryside there are a number rocky turns before entering the forest. Then a very fast flowing section featuring a right hand hip followed by a left hand hip (both rollable) into two huge berms leading up to the step-up (B line available). A large right hand berm brings you onto a rooty off camber section over a rock jump onto another off camber section with a tricky tight turn. A series of rooty turns brings you into the revised run-in to the road gap. The run-in is now faster with a jump then a berm shooting you into the take off (B line available). NOTE, the road gap will not be rollable this year! A choice of two parallel run-outs from the road gap bring you into a tricky section with a number of line choices (including the stump jump), all leading into a nice new right hand catch berm followed by a new left hand berm. A rough section with a bit of off camber followed by a tricky right hander followed by another rough section brings you into the double rock garden. Following the rock garden the new section starts with a large new right hand berm shooting you straight into a nice new double out onto the fire road. A brief fire road section brings you into the new step-down back into the woods and carrying speed back onto last years track. A rough and rooty section leads into a fast open section leading into the final new berm and new jump into the finishing area.

As usual with an 021 event we will have catering, live timing and uplifts.

Timing will be provided by NACC.

Redbull will also be on board for the event bringing the arch, the truck, the wigwam, the lovely ladies and of course free redbull...

There will be toilet facilities available


Uplifts will be running on both the Saturday and Sunday. No race number = no uplift. Riding the course without a number over the course of the event will jeopardise the event since you are not covered under the events insurance or medical support.

Venue Considerations

021racing would like to remind all riders and spectators that the race is on Coillte land. Downhill racing relies heavily on the kind support of Coillte for race venues and it is important that the positive relationship that has been built up by 021racing is not jeopardised by leaving litter in the forest or causing tension with locals through inconsiderate behaviour. You are also reminded that mini bikes and the like are not permitted under any circumstances.


Parking is at a premium so please park your vehicles sensibly and allow local traffic easy access so that the event doesn’t unnecessarily attract the attention of the Gardai or cause issues for Coillte or local residents.

The larger car park area at the bottom of the track is restricted to campers and larger vans – please co-operate with the race organisers on this matter so larger vehicles are not parked on the road causing blockages. Please park your car along the side of the forest road just after the camper/van carpark.


Directions Here

From Tipperary Town

As you approach Cahir, just before the new motorway flyover (overhead) take the right hand turn. Drive up the hill and past the houses and make a left turn at the next junction. Continue on past a number of other houses and go straight through the staggered crossroads and on to the parking area..

From Dublin

From Cork

There will be signs put up on all routes leading to the event.

Entry Fees and Categories

Elites/Seniors/Masters/ Vets/Super Vets/Sports/Ladies - €50

Juniors/U16/U14 - €30

Guidance on age categories –

Elite/Senior/Sports (aged 18+) Masters (30+ in current year) Vets (40+) Super Vets (50+)

Race licence (day) €15 or £15 (price set by Cycling Ireland)

If you intend to race regularly consider an annual licence – it can work out cheaper, particularly for younger riders. The licence fees are available on the Cycling Ireland WEBSITE



Sign on 9.30 - 15.00

Practice 10.00 - 16.00


Sign on 9.00-10.00

Practice 9.30-11.30

Race 12.00 approx onwards

Podiums 16.00


You can use this website