Beejesus! Greg Callaghan, Rob Davis, Dan Sheridan, Ben Kennedy, Luke and Cameron Cornforth, Glyn O'Brien and more appear in this 30 minute documentary all about the Irish scene.

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Over the past year we have been filming a documentary on the growth of Irish mountain biking as part of a year long college project. We spent months travelling to all corners of the country every weekend to film the personalities and riders who are the driving force behind the sport.

We encountered many problems along the way, especially during winter which was one of Ireland's coldest in years. We battled through blizzards for three hours in a Toyota Yaris (of all cars) to get to a location in Galway, as well as missing an Interview with Richie Byrne in Ticknock due to the Yaris being unable to negotiate the mountain roads covered in knee deep snow.

We stuck at it though and spent numerous days on frost covered mountains as the weather did not seem to affect the riders in the slightest, in fact most seemed to enjoy the frosty and slippery conditions. Over the past year we had the privilege of filming with some of Ireland's best, most promising and past riders such as Greg Callaghan, Rob Davis, Dan Sheridan, Ben Kennedy, Luke and Cameron Cornforth and Glyn O'Brien who were a pleasure to work with.

This project started off as just another project, but quickly evolved into something much bigger for us. We thoroughly enjoyed every minute of this project and got to meet some incredible people who all have one thing in common - they love mountain biking. It was a real eye-opener seeing how passionate many of these people are about the sport and how determined they are to make Irish mountain biking better.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone we met along the way and everyone who helped us out. This documentary would not have been possible without you. We enjoyed this project from start to finish and hope you enjoy watching it as much as we did making it.

Through the roots.