Fairymount Farm MTB in Roscrea, Co Tipperary, Ireland has been up and running for about a year now. Gerry Grimes got in touch and filled us in on a few details.

Tell us a bit about the set up Gerry?

Gerry: Well, it all started this time last year when I approached the land owner John Kenny seeking permission to build a dh track, he was very enthusiastic about it and so we set about developing Ireland's first uplift venue.

One year on and we're prepping the tracks for round one of our winter series and we are booked for a round of the Irish DH race series in August.

Love the commentary: "Pedal ya fecker!"

We've got two tracks at the moment. Track one is the shorter of the two at 800m, it's a technical track with natural rooty and rocky sections.

Track two is about 1200m and has the lot, manmade jumps, tabletops, rock garden, drops and big berms. Both tracks start and finish at the same point which is open before riding through the wooded section finishing in a field.

Uplift is with jeep and trailer and only takes about two minutes to get to top. The trailer takes 28 bikes and several jeeps carry the riders.

We have plans are to buy an ex-army personel truck which will carry about 50 riders and a second trailer for the extra bikes. Track builder Rowan Sorrel has been over recently and plans have been submitted to the planning office for approval of five new tracks.

Uplift cost 25euros per person and you get about 15 uplifts.

If you're interested then hit up Fairymount Farm MTB on Facebook.

Also if you need accommodation the Fairymount Farm have three cottages for rent, a lake for fishing and 480 acres of woodland and walkers trails. Check out www.fairymountfarm.com

Screen shot 2013-01-03 at 15.09.34
Screen shot 2013-01-03 at 15.09.34

If your geography is as bad as mine, then Roscrea in Co. Tipperary is here.