A quick catch up with young ripper Sam Brightman.


Photo: www.edschofield.co.uk

Tell us who Sam Brightman is?

Sam Brightman is a guy who likes to ride his bike, a lot *laughs*. Likes riding every kind of bike, trials, dirt jumping, DH, trials – anything really.

How many years have you been riding?

As long as I can remember, properly when I was about 14. Just started doing “general" mountain bike, but started riding motorbike trials at about the same time. I still ride it now, but I prefer to ride without the engine!

You’ve just changed over to riding a full sus, why the change?

I still have my hardtail and still ride it loads, but if I want to be able to ride the harder, more technical stuff and go faster then I needed to get a bike with more squash. I didn’t want a full on big rig, 8" travel bike is too much, the TR250 is perfect with 160mm travel and can still go as fast as the other guys - or I’d like to think so anyway!

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Why the TR250?

I feel like I’ve got a lot more control with it definitely. This one is really stiff, stable and has loads of traction in the corners. It’s really poppy too, it’s not a bike that wants to stay on the ground.

Has your riding improved because of it?

I’d like to think I have improved more through riding the hardtail! I’m trying to take the same lines now as I was before (on my DMR), but on the same lines you are a lot more settled when you come in to stuff than you are on the hardtail. I’d say accelerate better on the shorter travel bike than I would do on a big rig.

Where else do you ride?

Mainly around where I live. Winterfold and Pitch Hill are local, as well as Box Hill. I try and travel a lot, love riding different places like bits of Wales – anywhere new! Steeper and techy is better.

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You recently won the Junior category and placed 4th overall at Bling’s, on the very first ride of the full suss, which is pretty impressive! Any more racing planned?

Yeah, I intend to do as much as possible. Anything I can get to or have the chance to do. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to do Nationals, but any of the mini downhill events would be rad. I really like the idea of challenging yourself to be faster, beating other people is a bonus.

And finally, what else do you want to accomplish this year?

Mega! I’m pretty happy I’ve got the right bike for it, I’ll just wait and see how it goes as it’s completely different. I need to improve my fitness and endurance, longer days riding will sort that out. Trials riding is great for strength and control so that will be a major factor too.