You know the drill by now, all the best action hot off the smartphones on the hill. Except today it's wall-to-wall riding as the riders' session their lines in preparation for tomorrow's big final.

Strap in!

Brendan Fairclough

It all seemed to be going so well for Brendan before he took a spill on the Canyon Gap. Reports are that he's sore but trying to rally. We'll update you asap.

Graham Aggasiz

Aggy definitely wins the burliest line award - straight down the middle. Wee Jackson Goldstone captured this.

Brandon Semenuk

Semenuk's throwing down 360s and it's still only practice!

Kyle STrait

This canyon gap counts as a warm up for Lyle. Bonkers.

Connor MacFarlane

Hope Connor's ok after taking a spill on this monster drop.

Logan Binggelli

Logan has his own Canyon Gap to show off here.

Tom Van Steenbergen

Sharing a line with Brandon Semenuk can't be easy but Tom seems to have it under control here.

Ethan Nell

This isn't even on the Rampage site but makes it in for the soundtrack alone