STRAVA DATA has been cited as the reason for banning mountain bikers from the Byrne Preserve in California

Horse riders and hikers initially expressed concerns at the speeds reached by mountain bikers on the preserve, in particular on the steep Artemas Gintzon trail. App data showed that some riders were reaching speeds of 20 miles per hour and the ban was passed unanimously by the council in January.

Los Altos Online reports that, while the council was reluctant to ban mountain bikes from the trails, they saw them as a safety hazard to horse riders, especially to younger riders who could be thrown off a horse if startled by a bike.

John Radford, councilman, said. “I’m done with this as far as I’m concerned, the speed numbers that were talked about tonight are just incredibly unacceptable. Whoever’s done those apps and whoever puts that together – that just put a hole in the whole argument."

So, does this set a worrying precedent that might bolster anti-mountain biking groups? Well it seems that the San Francisco area is on a bit of a mountain bike vendetta at the moment, with radar guns being introduced to monitor trails in Marin County, but it does show that a vocal minority can, and will, use any advantage against us.

Our advice, if you know you're riding in a sensitive area, maybe keep those Strava rides private.