This weeks howies T-shirt Of The Week is 'Warm Up', by our clever northern friend Nicholas Saunders.

It's very important to warm those muscles up before doing any form of exercise (especially in this cold weather).

It loosens up any tightness and avoids nasty little niggles like strains, sprains and spasms.

You could start by doing a few stretches, a bit of bending, then a couple of lunges perhaps.

Feel the burn?

Okay, now you you're good to go.

Saladini leads. World Cup 4X, Maribor, Slovenia

If you want to win this warm up tee then do the following:

I like picture competitions, so to win this tee send me a "warm up" picture. The warmest picture wins.

Send your warm ups to together with your address and tee shirt size.

howies mountain bike tee of the week from dirt magazine which Steve Peat actually reads