Win a super exclusive one off howies tee.

Saladini leads. World Cup 4X, Maribor, Slovenia

At the Little Big Voice lectures, I listened to Russell Davies talk.

(Loved his talk)

During the talk, he gave out some badges that he had got made.

One of them read 'Always in Beta'.

I loved that mantra.

Always testing.

Always pushing.

Always in development.

Never, ever-ever, standing still.

And the other thing that I loved about it was the mantra of asking your customers to improve what you had developed.

The power of the crowd.

The power of you because there are lots of you.

The acknowledgement that companies don't know best, but maybe their customers do.

So I asked Russell if we could do it as a T-shirt.

He said fine, as long as we would give his royalty away to a charity of his choosing.

So that's what we are doing.

We will give £3 per shirt that we sell to Russell's chosen charity.

This is Russell's blog:

It's always in beta too.

To win this tee: simply email and tell me why in a simple sentence why you think you should win.

Also include your tee shirt size.

Last weeks winner was.

Ywain ap Rhys from Dorset.

Win a super exclusive one off howies tee.