You know the score, every week the creative bods down at howies create a super exclusive limited edition tee. You can win one of these sweet garments by answering a simple question below.

Saladini leads. World Cup 4X, Maribor, Slovenia

Sometimes I wish my two skinny legs had the power of four especially when I'm peddling hard up a nasty up hill section. Going by tandem is riding in time together, carrying the same load, helping each other struggle up the hills and enjoying the free ride cruising all the way down.

Tandem t-shirt, is a bit of old skool inspired fun. The idea started off as a his and hers t-shirt but after much debate as to who would have the front half of the bike, we decided to do a back and front print that way you can decide whether or not you want be on the back or the front of the bike!

So buy one and get your mate, partner, brother or sister to buy one, mix it up wear it back to front and go by t-shirt tandem on your next venture out together! You don't even need a bike.

To win this weeks tee simply tell me what's so good about a tandem. I'll pick the wittiest entry. Send your tandem stories to, also send your address and tee shirt size.

Last week I asked you to predict the Maribor winner, Harry Barnard from Berkshire guessed right with Sam Hill. Your tees on it's way Harry.

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