Brief importer news for you here on a Thursday afternoon.

Good news that Tomac will now be available through Hotlines

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Here's the official bumpf:

Tomac Mountain Bikes announces today the addition of Scotland-based Hotlines as the new exclusive United Kingdom importer. Hotlines is the importer of over 30 different high-end brands in the UK, all focused on the high end performance market.

“Hotlines has seen unprecedented growth the past few years and Tomac will be another big part of our arsenal”, says General Manager Illy Anastasi. “The bike range fits a nice niche in our product mix and the bikes are consistently among the most highly rated in the market.”

Tomac Mountain Bikes is the namesake of legendary racer John Tomac. Originally founded in 1998, the company celebrated its 10th anniversary last year with the release of the Tomac DB10 drop bar bike. The brand is focused exclusively on mountain bikes and has currently a range of 6 models, including the Primer 220 downhill bike which was raced on the World Cup circuit last year.

“The UK has long been one of Tomac’s strongest markets”, says company owner Joel Smith. “And Hotlines is a company that can truly take advantage of the brand’s strength.”

Check out Hotlines for more info.

Hotlines Are the New Tomac UK Importer