Aggy's Reunion is the first stop of the FEST series (if you don't know what that is then read further down) and the invite only event will be hosted at the Bike Ranch in Kamloops. Now Kamloops has always been known for some fairly mental stuff, but this teaser of the course that's been built for the event takes things to a whole new level. The jumps are genuinely MASSIVE. We can't wait to see what happens once the riders start hitting them, and seeing as this is just the start of things we can see this being an incredible series of events.

The main sessions for the public to watch will be Friday the 16th and Saturday the 17th, but enough chat, here's the mental course preview...

See! They give me the shits just looking at them!

"I am so stoked to have all my good friends from all over the globe here, rarely do we get the opportunity to all shred together and do something like this. The Fest Series is for the riders, by the riders." - Graham Agassiz


If you haven't already heard about the new Fest Series then here's the score...

Huge courses for big bikes will be built in a few locations around the world, where the riders are invited to spend a week and shred the spot. The riding will happen only when the conditions are perfect, not having to deal with someone pushing you to ride in risky conditions (wind, rain, fog, wrong build features, etc).

During the week, when the riders will be shredding the course, a professional film crew will be recording all the sessions that are happening. On Saturday the session will be open to the public, they will be able to come and see the session, which will never be contest runs, but a jam that will be followed by a big party to celebrate the week.

After the final session the riders will be deciding all together who is nominated for BEST RIDER, BEST STYLE, BEST WHIP and BANGER OF THE WEEK (which could be anything from a trick to a transfer) taking in consideration the whole week. There will be no better judge that the riders themselves.

The official media will come out the week after and the highlight video will feature the main moments of the week. Each stop is going to be built and design by the rider or crew who is hosting it.

The stops for 2014 are:

Aggy's Reunion Invitational – Kamloops – May 12 – 19

Hillbilly Hookfest hosted by Makken – Norway - July 24-27

Loosefest hosted by Nico Vink – Belguim – August 29 – 3

Few more to come (Cam Zink, Andreu Lacondeguy, Kurt Sorge and more)

The FEST will take FREERIDE Mountain biking to a different path, far from parking lot contests, judges, rankings, points and courses that have nothing to do with FREERIDE. This is the vision of a few riders who want to show their perspective of what can be done on big bikes.

Riders list:

Graham Agassiz

Andreu Lacondeguy

Mads Makken

Nick Pescetto

Niko Vink

Tyler McCaul

Darren Bearclaw

James Doerfling

Matt Hunter

Thomas Vanderham

Kurt Sorge

Jordie Lunn

Matt Miles

Kyle Jameson

Ryan Howard

Jeff Herbertson

Luke Beers

Ace Hayden

Brad Stuart