I had an ebeam from a Dirt reader in Portsmouth, Phil Golston,who told me about his secret spot somewhere down south. Phil said he would love to share his secret spots with other riders then visit there spots. But I'm not so sure. I think your secret spot needs to be just that. A secret that only you and your mates know about. We've got problems with our secret Dirt tracks round these parts. Word has got out, vans have started arriving, locals unhappy and the tracks have been shut down.

Build your tracks, but don't tell a soul where they are. (Apart from web editors like me who then post the whole caboodle on the inter web!).

Read Phil's full story in the travel section here.

"So we found a spot, we being the group of riders in the Portsmouth area known as the Portsmouth University Mountain Bike Club (plug over). It’s a great little spot, I reckon it drops almost a 100 metres, which I know doesn’t sound a lot, but were from Portsmouth remember, the south, in the middle, needless to say we were pretty chuffed to find the area. Once the fellers were out of the way we went straight in for the kill, found the steepest side of the Hill, and stuck our track in."

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