Just what is the situation regarding helmet cameras and race runs at events?

Dirt forum member Anoobis raises the issue of the legality of wearing a helmet camera during your race run. He was at the MiniDH at the weekend and was confronted by someone I'm guessing was a BC commissaire.

Here's what Anoobis says:

Was at the Fod today doing the mini dh and on my first run a guy at the start line stepped in front of me as the 10sec beep went and the said:"if i were you i wouldn't wear that helmet camera on your next run, it invalidates your helmet warranty"

the conversation went on for about 8 seconds which was nice of him.

ok thanks for the info. thanks to him jumping out and talking and my mind then thinking about that i didn't actually get to record my first race run. HA. rubbish.

so mentioned it to billy trailstar the webman while he was waiting to clean his bike and I got told about the fort william situation where they didn't allow them on track for some reason.

Went back up for the second run and had a chat to the guy before my run and questioned him further.

Me: If its just a case of voiding the helmet warranty isn't that my choice whether to use it?

Him: No its not just that, it also causes trouble with the race insurance too. And with the warranty voiding - you've modified your helmet for the camera and modifying the helmet voids the warranty.

Me: but the helmet hasn't been modified in any way? Its only attached to the goggle strap? and so the issue is not just with the helmet warranty. will i get DQ if i use it then?

Him: Yes, you will not be allowed to do your run and you will get DQ. Its classed as non-essential wear.

Me: Wait does that mean i have to take this backpack off and leave it here?

Him: No, no. Its a hydration backpack so you're allowed that.

Wait. I wouldn't consider a hydration backpack essential for a 1 minute 20 second downhill race? I wasn't going to argue that point and end up having to leave my bag at the top

So whats the situation with cameras and race runs? used it for December (resulting vid was 90% black ) and January's races with no problems for anyone?


It does seem to be a grey area at the moment, as he says at the World Cup in Fort William a sign at the gondola station read "No Helmet Cameras" and again the point of helmet modification/ invalid warranty was mentioned. (This was a day before the infamous DirtTV spinning helmet camera of doom took to the 4x track)

But what about chest cams and goggle mounts?

I'll email the BC and UCI and try and clarify the situation, in the meantime what are your thoughts?