In Maribor the 1st round of the World Cup Helen hurt her back on Sunday Morning in practice just before the Qualifying... Since then she has had to miss 2 world cup rounds and the world champs which she was really devastated about !

She also last year hurt her back just 6 weeks before the world championships in fort william 2007...

After this time this year in Maribor she went to see the specialist and had a Mri scan to find out what the problem was...

Saladini leads. World Cup 4X, Maribor, Slovenia

Hopefully Helen 'Gas' Gaskell will be on the podium again soon.

Good news that it was nothing serious and was advised to have 6 weeks of intense rehab and strenghtening core work and also to have some Injections into the Ligaments at the bottom of her spine to strengthen and stabilize the joint...

Since Maribor she only had 2 weeks off the bike , so Helen has been training hard and keeping her fitness level high..

Helen says " I can't wait to come back and race ,Im feeling really good again and confident to come back really strong.. I was so motivated for the season, I was super fit after my winter training...I plan to come back in tip top shape for the next national in a couple of weeks, then race the British Champs, then head to Canada and Austrailia to get some world cup podiums and some points that i have missed...."

Helen Gaskel injury update