Just a quick heads up to say that round #3 of the Halo British Downhill Series goes down at Llangollen, North Wales this weekend 26th/27th June.

World Cup stars on the start sheet (click here) include Gee Atherton, Brendan Fairclough (who will be doing the track walk thang), Ben Reid, Josh Bryceland, Marc Beaumont and Dan Atherton (who leads the series)

Series standings so far are here. Check out all the info over on the Halo BDS site.

The BDS site says "The Llangollen course will be around 2 - 3 minutes long and will be very fast and steep technical. The top third is narrow off camber, fast and rocky on a natural looking course. The middle section is in the open off camber descent with flowing single track with the last part being ridden on an established track with with tight open turns the whole track is in the open no wooded sections .

Technical difficulty is of National Level, very high!"


The footy mob in South Africa have got the vuvuzelas but the BDS have the Halo Horn which some say is even louder, 100 of these beauties will be given out free on Sunday for you to make some noise with.

http://mpora.com/videos/pFBnPTQry More Mountain Biking Videos >>

Here's a vid of the Welsh Champs that was held earlier this year on the Llangollen track, not sure what changes have been made to the track since then.

If the first two rounds are anything to go by we should have a plethora of videos popping up next week so stay tuned for the coverage.