An evolution in downhill mountain bike racing is set to take place this summer on July 13th at Red Bull Wide Open. The world’s best gravity racers will be going head to head in a Super-cross-style amplitude and race format. This all new competition will test the full scope their bike skills and determine who is truly the top gravity racer in the world.

We've just had news through about the all-new Red Bull Wide Open event that is set to take place in Livigno (previously host to UCI World Cups and World Championships) and it sounds amazing! In brief, the world's top riders will be competing against each other down a huge course made up of jumps, berms, wallrides and more, all set on the side of a steep mountain in the Italian Alps. This is the sort of event that you always dream of and finally someone has gone and created it.

Here's what to expect of the course:

Snaking 500 meters down the Bikepark Mottolino in Livigno, Italy, Red Bull Wide Open will feature a custom, one of a kind Super-cross size downhill track. Especially designed to challenge the competitors on a variety of levels, the athletes will have to tackle terrain with unheard of levels of speed and air time. Side-by-side they will race down a course riddled with jaw dropping 60’ gaps, massive 20’ berms, wallrides, and technical rock waterfalls. The broad elite of competitors will attack this new course concept in a non-stop, six man head-to-head competition.

Wide Open basics:


Tomas Slavik performs at the 4X World Championships in Leogang, Austria on September 21st, 2013
Tomas Slavik performs at the 4X World Championships in Leogang, Austria on September 21st, 2013


Beautiful Livigno in Italy...



Check out this vid for an idea of how good this is going to be (if Warner is sounding this excited already just imagine his commentary for the big event!):

Sound good? Check out who'll be riding - a great crop of top athletes from various gravity disciplines:

Aaron Chase

Andreu Lacondeguy

Andrew Neethling

Bernardo Cruz

Cameron Zink

Greg Minnaar

Danny Hart

Darren Berrecloth

Filip Polc

Geoff Gulevich

Kyle Strait

Logan Bingelli

Martin Soderstrom

Marcelo Gutierrez

Mick Hannah

Nick Beer

Nico Vink

Sam Reynolds

Tomas Slavik

Yannick Granieri

The Red Bull Wide Open program includes gravity racing, a bike industry expo and other thrilling side events – all the action and eye candy necessary to entertain spectators and create a memorable event.

Official schedule:

July 11: training

July 12: training and Red Bull Wide Open qualifications

July 13: Red Bull Wide Open competition

More information: Red Bull Wide Open