The international bush telegraph that is Twitter is reporting that Santa Cruz Syndicate rider Greg Minnaar has had a nasty off while riding his MX bike.

No direct word from the PMB man himself but his last three Twittering Tweets talk of hospital, operations and beef curtains.

Looks like i might get opperated on sometime this morning. Going for the 2 in 1 combo deal, leg and shoulder in one go....1 combo.... 1 life

"Checked in to hotel hospital for a couple days..... With the service im getting, i might try stay here a couple nights"

Wondering what happened to the Ron- dog.... he's either lost his mind or had his man hood replaced with a set of beef curtains

(Not quite sure who Ron-dog but he sounds like he's in trouble too)

Big Dirt get well soon to you Greg.

Greg Minnaar