We've just had this news in about Greg Minnaar, who finished 4th at the Worlds just 7.95 seconds down, when you read it you probably won't believe it, he must have been in so much pain.

Following further x-rays, it is confirmed that Greg rode the remaining 2m 40secs of the World Championship with a broken and dislocated shoulder. An extraordinary feat considering the time lost in the crash, and the effect of the injuries on his ability to ride the physical course at full speed, that he missed the podium by a matter of only a couple of seconds.

Greg will not race in Maribor at the World Cup finals, and will be off the bike for at least 3 to 4 weeks. He will travel to Maribor to support his team mates, and in particular Matti Lehikoinen's overall points chase.

Greg plans to return to South Africa on October 10.