Brendan Fairclough is going head to head against Cédric Gracia, Michal Prokop and other two wheel stars in this horticulturally themed pump track race this weekend in Switzerland!

This event looks a gas, maybe a greenhouse gas. Anyway it's clear to see that this race will be fun (just look through the windows). It's all organised by former 4x rider Adrian Kiener and kicks off this weekend, 12th Jan, in Ostermundigen in Switzerland.


Here's a list of the riders who will be dodging the tomatoes and trying not to face plant into the potted plants.

Andi Wittann, Freeride/Dirt, GER

Brendan Fairclough, Downhill, GB

Cédric Gracia, Downhill, FR

Claudio Caluori, Downhill, CH

David Graf, 4Cross, CH

Guido Tschugg, 4Cross, GER

Joost Wichman, 4Cross/Enduro, NL

Michal Prokop, 4Cross, CZ

Nick Beer, Dowhhill, GER

Ralph Näf, XC/Enduro, CH

Ramon Hunziker, Freeride/ Dirt, CH

René Wildhaber, Marathon DH, CH

Roger Rinderknecht, 4Cross, CH


Here's how it looked in 2009.

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