A super sweet video from thisisezo showcasing the talents of Dirt Jumper Daryl Brown. Kind of reminded me of early Sprung videos, great stuff.

Check out a few Q and A's with Daryl below.

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Daryl Brown Video

Name? Daryl Brown

Nickname?Daz,  double d , Big D ,D bag . Dont ask I have no idea why ha!

Age? 19

Where do you call home? Hailsham , East Sussex

What’s your local spot? Polegate , The Secret step up .

What bike do you ride? 24 seven 2010 prototype

How long have you been riding? around 6 years

What are your best results? ,

1st nass king of dirt 09

10th red bull bike night

3rd king of dirt redhill

3rd wisley king of dirt

4th the track king of dirt

1st chiksands jam

2nd filthy 48 jam

1st corby jam

2nd portugaul bike show

2nd overall king of dirt.

Favourite trick? 360, and massive no foot cans

What tricks are you learning at the moment? Frontflips, and some top secret stuff!

What’s your day job? Carpenter

Which riders do you look up to? Darren Pokoj, Sam Pilgrim

What are your plans for 2010? try to attend every comp, and just go  massive !!

Bars wide or narrow? wide for sure !

Jeans tight or baggy? inbetween !

Favourite band? D+B, chase and status ,sub zero. anything that gets u pumped to ride..

Favourite Song?Ti live your life.

Favourite Food? I try to get good stuff but KFC is simply amazing !

Favourite Drink? Budwiser ,Desperatoes

Favourite Women? All kinds ha!