I'm back off holidays (actually it wasn't a holiday, I didn't go anywhere, but I didn't get stuck up a tree either) and now I'm in the office sifting through hundreds of ebeams.

Before I get up to speed on whats been happening, here's some news about Big Mike's Rotec that he had posted on EasyBay.

Unbelievably he's sold the bugger.

In a last minute flurry of activity THREE people actually dipped into their wallets and offered some of their hard earned money, and one poor sod is now £235 worse off.

We did say that whoever guessed the final selling price would win something. A quick scan down the comments box shows that Callum guesses "im thinking 200 or 250" (Which could be taken as an average of £225) but Elbry said "i bet it rides like a flip flop, because its been on dirt, i say 250", So we reckon Elbry wins a random prize.