Gee and Rachel Atherton win the 2012 National Championships at Moelfre.

Wow! What a perfect weekend for racing. After weeks of rain the sun came out at Moelfre to make an amazing dry and dusty 2012 National Champs. The wind picked up a touch making it tough going on the exposed Welsh hillside.

Gee took the Elite win by 2 seconds from Josh Bryceland with old-Skool Steve Peat giving the youngsters a hiding in 3rd place on the box.

From the Twittersphere:

@gee_atherton "What a day. Feels amazing to be British Champion again... Dead happy to take the win and Rach killed it aswel! Solid race."

@RachelAtherton "Whataday!Affy 3rd at MegaAvalanche, Gee and I national Champions.Bin a long time since we both won this one. happy and proud to be british..."

@ManonCarpenter "Too many mistakes in finals to put together a decent race run... Still felt strong in practise and loved the track!"


Click for full National Champ Results

Juvenile Men: James Purvis 2:54.061

Youth Men: Taylor Vernon 2:38.184

Grand Veteran Men: Howard Stuttard 3:06.178

Veteran Men 45-49: John Cobb 2:50.396

Veteran Men 40-44: Nigel Page 2:41.051

Master Men 35-39: Christopher Whitfield 2:39.785

Master Men 30-34: Richard Cunynghame 2:41.117

Senior Men Non-Championship: Jake Ward 2:35.040

Women Non-Championship: Kerry Wrigglesworth 3:14.295

Elite Women: Rachel Atherton 2:39.012

Junior Men: Joseph Connell 2:31.718

Championship Men: Gee Atherton 2:25.938