If you've been read Rachel Athertons blog then you'll know that the Athertons like hooning about on their MX bikes. It doesn't sound like they're that good at either, Rachel got her bike stuck in a bog and Gee has managed to crash his.

Dan Brown just sent this snippet over:

While out training on his motocross bike over the Christmas period Gee bit off one too many peat bogs, which resulted in ulnar collateral ligament damage on his thumb! Here's his description of the big off. "It was a fast crash, on a long open section where I dropped the front wheel into a peaty rut. I got chucked over the bars and landed in a ruck just in time for the bike to land on top of me! I then had to ride back to the house one handed, much to the amusement of Affy and Rach who it appeared had never seen anything as funny!"

Gee sees the specialist today but should be fighting fit by the end of the month. The Atherton trio are about to head to California for 6 weeks of training in the sun (not sure what's wrong with Wales in January??) so keep your eyes peeled to wwww.animalcommencal.com for regular updates.

Saladini leads. World Cup 4X, Maribor, Slovenia

Gee Atherton, looks like he could do some great shadow puppetry with that hand, maybe a dog or a fox perhaps?