Can anything slow these siblings down!? Unbelievable performance from both sides! Great result for Mick Hannah who came in second position, 4 seconds behind Gee!

Unfortunately racing was delayed due to Taylor Vernon crashing, he's currently been airlifted to Grenoble hospital, we've been told that his injuries aren't that severe, he was only airlifted because of where he was on the hill, and medical staff didn't want to take any chances.

Men's Results

1. Gee Atherton

2. Mick Hannah

3. Marcelo Gutierrez

4. George Brannigan

5. Danny Hart


Women's Results

1. Rachel Atherton

2. Myriam Nicole

3. Allana Columb

4. Tahnee Seagrave

5. Veronique Sandler


We'll upload the full results as soon as we get them!