If you've ever ridden the amazing tracks down at Gawton, Devon, but been disappointed that you and your mates had to eat your cheesey pickle sandwiches and prawn cocktail crisps in the cramped confines of your Vauxhall Nova in the carpark then we have some good news for you...

It's early days but Chaz down at the Tamar Valley has sent over details of a planning application for a trail centre at Gawton.

Chaz says: " The noises coming out of the planning department of West Devon Borough Council seem positive as far as the new Trail Centre at Gawton goes. Quotes are starting to come in from builders wishing to tender for the contract to build it. A purchase order for the groundwork’s has been raised, the site for the building has been marked out and the quote for the felling of the tree’s has been submitted…….So far so good."

Keep an eye on the woodlandriders blog.


The plans for the centre might look small but Chaz adds: "It will only be small to start with but constructed with the intention it will grow as the project grows."

X marks the spot. The trail centre will go in the area marked out by the yellow tape. Sadly a few trees will have to go.

Bonus Race News Section.

Well lookie here. Its that time again and the first race of the Woodland Riders Winter Series is just around the corner. The three races will take place at the 'Tavi Woodlands' site not more than a hop skip and a frolic away from the now world renown Gawton tracks.

With three intense tracks to race on and prizes being provided by all sorts of cool folk it's definitely a series that should feature high on your 'must do this year' list.

For entry advice or a stream of abuse you can e-mail chaz@woodlandriders-racing.co.uk

Alternatively log on to www.woodlandriders-racing.co.uk and follow the links.

Race dates are Feb 27th, March 27th and April 24th