Dual Speed and Style is a funny old event. Basically, riders race down the hill side by side while trying to look cool and send massive tricks at the same time, while being timed and also scored for tricks, which affects riders' final times... This equates to a bizarre situation of not quite knowing who's winning and also a bit of a clunky process of figuring out who did what and how that adds up.

Anyhow, although things were a bit slow happening in the DS&S, it was still impressive to see tricks being casually thrown around while going at breakneck speed.

At the end of the event it wasn't greatly surprising to see Bernard Kerr come out on top - the Pivot rider has the whole package that is for sure.

Enjoy the gallery by Ben Winder.


1: Bernard Kerr

2: Sam Reynolds

3: Adrien Loron

4: Kyle Strait