Twenty ten has gone, twenty eleven is as usual for the Friday Randoms.

The 2011 Paris Dakar (in South America!) is underway and Spaniard Marc Coma leads the way on the bikes after stage 5 with rival and fellow KTM factory rider, French-born Cyril Despres in second.

Carlos Sainz is in first position in the cars.

For more check out Moto and the official Dakar site.


Make your eyes go a bit spacey this morning.

More Motocross Videos

2011 Monster Energy Supercross championship kicks off at Anaheim this weekend, should be a scorcher of a race. As always Moto will have all the race coverage you need.

Lorenz Holder

Philbert's Phriday Photographer.

O baby!

2010 has just gone.

What a year says Philbert.

Hard to believe it's been 10 years since they were predicting the possible end of the digital world thanks to computers not being able to understand the number 2000.

If that had happened I wouldn't have a bookmarks bar full of stunning camera operators to share with you my binary friends.

There is a photographer that has been propping up this bar since Jan. 17 of last year.

Not sure why he hasn't made onto the hallowed pages of DIRT randoms before now but that is about to be rectified.

Urban snowboarding like you've never seen, but make sure you enjoy each picture as for some reason there is no going back on this boy's webby.

It's Lorenz Holder.

Happy 2011!

TV makes stunts look so easy sometimes.

Ted Williams a homeless Brooklyn native gifted with a golden voice...go for it Ted!!! did it!!! Good work fella!!!

oprah winfrey bees

Oprah...release the bees!!!

"....el microfonoooo!!!!"

Dirt reader Jamie Rodda sent this in "Here's a dumb pic I made with a photo I took at the Fort Bill WC"

Bear Grylls

And now for a Bear Grylls double bill...first Bear and Predator

Bear Grylls at home with the kids.


AcidCow Pic Dump is always worth a gander on a Friday morning.

R.I.P Gerry Rafferty.

That's it folks.

Hope it doesn't snow too much this weekend got some track building to do, but have a good one whatever you're doing.