Our weekly look at everyday folk who use the Forest Of Dean uplift service.

This week it's a father and son combo.

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Justin and Seb. Photo: S Jones

Names? Sebastian and Justin Revell

Ages? Sesbastian Age 8 (9 in Feb 12), me well a young 41

Occupations? Sebastian – still clearly at school, I am an Army Officer

Where you from? Deepcut near Camberley in Surrey

What bike or bikes do you have? Sebastian has a Kona Stinky and I a Custom Orange Big T.

Who is the fastest out of you two? At the moment he, given last timings at Mr Blings race last Sunday (although I did nearly fail to finish due to big a spank in on the new road gap (20ft that’s my excuse!!) – that said I did clear it every time in practise but clearly pressure got to me!!

What types of riding do you do? We are both converted XC racers (we both use to do Gorrick and Southern XC – although I was mid field Sebastian was always in the top 3 – Note: did Mountain Mayhem this summer as part of the Army Team, Seb also raced in an junior XC – he came 9th out of 72 u12’s!!

Do you enter races or just ride for fun? Both – on the DH scene Seb has now entered 2 of Mr Blings races (Oct and last weekend), although sadly too young for others, Mr Bling kindly let him race as he has all the kit, but sadly still too young to enter others which he is keen too, especially the 661, where I am certain he would give the field a run (can nearly clear the final table top on the Ski Run – always draws a crowd and out jumps many adults!). As soon as he is 10, 661 Mini Downhill will be on his hit list!

Where do you usually ride? FOD, PORC, Swinley Forest, Whinlatter, S.Wales, Cannock Chase.

Who do you ride with? Seb always rides with me as non of his friends can keep up and there seems to be no worthwhile junior development clubs near, without him getting frustrated and having to go back to basics. I ride all over, mainly as mentioned but added to this N.Wales and around Dorking (normally ride with Nirvana Cycles in Westcott). I/we try and get out as much as possible, every weekend and also as I am MIAS Level 2 Instructor I introduce and develop other soldiers.

Have you got a good local scene? Reasonable but limited especially DH that’s why we often go to PORC. I ride with Tunnel Hill Trolls on occasions as some excellent XC trails on my doorstep, but when we/I want the more gnarly stuff we have to travel.

Do you ride at night? What lights you using? Yes and they are Ebay specials – 1200lums and never failed me – why spend 300 when similar spec for £60!!

Tell me about your bike set-ups? Sebs is unchanged, however mine I have just added Sunline Direct Mount, RS WC forks, MRP G2 SL with eThirteen chainring. Bike is in my old Regimental Colours of Red and Green!!

Favourite FOD track? Corkscrew – Seb can nearly reach the road on the final step up – I was warned about this by Simon from FlyUp but before I could warn Seb, he was up and over on his 1st run, after note - many thanks to FlyUp for the opportunity that day – he gave us a few more extra runs due to Seb loving it (he normally has to push up and 8 year old legs do not get him far) what a fantastic day.

What tyres you running at the moment? Maxxis Minion DH both F and R, with Seb on Maxxis High Rollers.

What are you up to this winter? Once recovered from the back injury sustained at PORC last weekend, we will be back out on the trails, trying to get fit for the next Mr Blings at PORC, if not back to PORC post Xmas and my intent is to race the 661 at FOD next year (hopefully improving my time so I can beat Seb!!).

Aspiration: Mine to survive the next few years keeping Seb focused as his aspiration is to follow in Danny Hart’s/Steve Peat/Atherton’s (all his hero’s although he was as fan of Sam Hill, but soon changed that as he’s not British!!) footsteps and go pro, if anyone is wanting to take him on and develop him, feel free since he will soon be beyond me!!