The random eruption has begun.

The good thing about the exploding volcano and the resulting grounding of areoplanes means that today is one of the very few days that we can look up and see a perfectly blue sky with no jet vapour trails. Sweet.

furry sex

Furry Sex

Skateboard Animation >>

I think this animation is amazing.


Philbert's Phriday Photographer.

Sometimes photographs and music seem to be made and written simultaneously along with

and for each other.

Love it when that happens, especially by accident.

I began looking at the work of Bill Phelps at the same time as pressing 'play' to "Bad Trip" by Bo Diddley.

Try it. Click Bo Diddley then open up Bill Phelps

half price car

Half Price Car

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You might have seen this before but slides are good.

vole in road

El Gourdo off of the Dirt Forum spotted this peach of a phantom bike.

Did he win?

hulk tattoo

Superhero tattoos

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Close shave

Dusty Springfield would have been 71 today.

And since the volcanic dust is causing havoc we'll let the non-volcanic Dusty round things off with a mellow number.

Have a good weekend.