Katina Paxinou a Greek actress (110), James Windsor, Viscount Severn, son of Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex (3) and Valeri Liukin, Soviet gymnast (44) all have Birthdays today so here's Altered Images singing Happy Birthday.

some dancing

Three frame gif comedy

Ultimate Muscle Roller Legend, I have no idea either.

Philbert was always told by his mother that you should NEVER use bad language.

But in growing up Philbert has learned that bad language DOES have a time and a place.

If you use it at an inopportune moment or in the wrong company you can make yourself look a bit of a dumb dumb, BUT used correctly Philbert believes it only enhances the diversity of our abilitly in using language to communicate.

And believe me when you see GG's pictures, I think you will do the same as me and say FFFUUUCCCKKKIIINNNGGG RAD!!

Our boy Gunderson has the skills to make you swear a lot actually.

But keep it to yourself, your Momma might not agree...


cash for gold random
cash for gold random

Goldie Looking Nuggets.

270 films from this year remixed into one video View profile

BREAKDOWN the video **2010 VIMEO AWARDS REMIX WINNER** from kasumi on Vimeo.

...on the multi film theme check out this great remix video.



Students are on the streets www.boston.com

As the comments say...now ants have chance to go on Facebook.


Comic from SMBC. Go check out Acid Cow Pic dump.

Father Christmas
retro robot

Retro Robot Of The Week.

Kormac - Wash My Hands (Scribble Records)

From Donny Tabascoe.

We've all buggered off for an uplift session today so have a good weekend and we'll see you all on Monday.