Another big bank holiday weekend and it's forecast to be Club Med once again. We'll be skrrting, brapping and schralping all weekend and making the most of it before heading to Mordor... sorry Fort William for some guaranteed rain next weekend. 

To coast into the weekend take a look through the week's randomness that includes a shredding T-Rex (original...), a BMX MC and a new snowboard prodigy. Enjoy

Trail lama

Trail dogs are so 2k15

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BMX edit with a custom soundtrack

Young Sasha Pardoe aka Sasha Shredder just released this new video showing her progression in the last few years, with a bespoke song by Mr Naylor MC backing it up. Take note MTBers, 12 year olds get away with this, you don't.

Andy Irons - Kissed by God

A sobering look back at the life of a surf legend who suffered from Bipolar disorder

13 year old wins X-Games gold medal

A new frontier for women's snowboarding

Have a good'un