It's snowing and my brain has frozen so I'm going to get a cup of tea and a biscuit and will write this intro later.

Suffice to say some more random shizzle from the internet.

Viral video? Reporter gets takin out by a sledge


Harlan Ellison...Pay the Writer.

The Acid Picdump is always worth a gander once a week.

A guy jumps out of one plane and climbs into another one, Ryan Air passengers have been wanting to do this for years.


Going Big With Mike Wilson 99 Foot Rope Swing Quadruple Backflips

Click WTF? engineering solutions for more gems.

What happens when you cross Wurzel Gummage and R2D2.

Olly Hopkinson said I should watch this...and it freaked me out a bit...

Kelly Brook's Cameltoe Shows from Kelly Brook

...then Jon Gregory showed me this and everything was alright again.

Heard this tune on This Is Sheffield and thought it was a banger. (Embed code disabled so click on the image to hear it)

Teddybears Sthlm - Hey Boy