Science is a weird and wonderful thing, so todays randoms are going to celebrate that fact...

Don't know about you lot, but this one had me hypnotised.

You might want to turn your sound down for this one.

I told you science was weird.

Looks like you don't want to be spilling mercury on your aluminium bike.

Or gallium for that matter.

But surely the question is "yes Earth might be bloody tiny, but do any other planets have life?"

Sound sure looks a bit weird.

Whereas ferrofluid sculptures just look rad!

Imagine how fast your bike would go if all your bearings were this round...

I can think of easier ways to make a bubble, but this one is pretty cool.

He had to be Russian! (The grape trick is a classic)

I'm sure I sometimes see vortex rings coming out of James McKnight's arse! Maybe it's cos he's a veggie?

Don't try this at home kids!

And finally, to play you out for the weekend there's no other option apart from Oingo Boingo with their Weird Science...