Did you know that on this day, March the 4th, Ramathibodi became King of Siam (1351), Britain's first electric trams run in East London (1882) and Welsh trouser snake Shakin' Stevens was born (1948)?

Don't say you never learn anything on the Randoms...because you do...it's a veritable fountain of information.

Here's some more gems from the perpetual fountain:

Death metal dog, oldie but a goodie!

wtf, omg


Ryan Air pilots getting some training in.


Philbert's Phriday Photographer.

Philbert has been rather busy the last couple weeks hence the lack of communication with you my beloved.

So to make up for lost time I have found you a beauty.

Most interesting is that he is regarded with verneration first in the field of ophthalmology before he launched his second successful career behind the camera.

His images have graced the covers of Time, Sports Illustrated, Life, Vogue and GQ just to name a few, and his client list includes the likes of Coca-Cola, Nike, Sony and Mercedes-Benz.

But he is best known for his underwater work, and as I used to assist an underwater photographer I can attest to this being some of the most difficult and time consuming work, which makes these pictures truly stunning.

Other highlights for me include the Action/Athletes, Models and Their Mothers and his Couples work.

But the shot above might actually be one of the best pictures I have ever seen.

He is Howard Schatz and he is Philbert's Phriday Photog. www.howardschatz.com

Have your balls dropped? This ball dropping game will easily waste a good couple of minutes. Click here.

threeframe gif

The daily Threeframe gif

George Formby on a bike going backwards.


William Tell dildo twist.

For all you Ex Tractor Fans out there. A Swede uses his noodle to extract his tractor from the quagmire.


Retro techno of the week.

Think you know your movies? Play this ace game where you have to guess the classic film from these famous objects. Click to play.

George Mason University Green Machine plays Rage

You know the drill, post up a youtube link to a banging weekend anthem and I'll post the best ones up here.

Rubberbandits - Horse Outside

Riv: Motorhead - Killed By Death

JAE: Scanty Sandwich

That's all for now, hope you all have a great weekend.