Today I'll throw open the random doors to you lot. Show me what you got!

In the world of 17th-century lute music, Matthew Wadsworth is a star. But few of his listeners would guess his other passion: jumping motorcycles.

That's because Matt is blind.

The documentary begins with Matt and his coach, Micky Dymond, somewhere out in the desert. They're looking for something -- that much we know.

The rest of the story hasn't happened yet.

Matt's jump blog can be found at

Bonkers bird that can mimic cameras, car alarms and chainsaws! Just don't play it any Justin Beiber pleeeeese!

Balls in hoops.


Easy Rider meets Tron

Beth Jones (who is our work experience/tea lady at DirtHQ this week) likes this.


Which is better dog or pony?

Holy fluorescent lights batman! From Phil.

pepper spray

Pepper Spraying New York Cop