If you're like Robinson Crusoe and get everything done by Friday, then now is the time to relax, put your feet up and peruse the Friday Randoms.

For some weird reason, probably a mistake by a dyselxic tour manager Eddie Izzard came to our back water town last night. Two fiths of Dirt went to see him and laughed alot. For that reason Eddie can kick off this weeks randoms.

Our weekly visit to Wooster.

Friday I'm in love-The Cure

The Swiss are famous for their knives and choclate, so why not combine the two?

Free riding is what it's all about, check out Joff Summerfield, 39 , on his epic 22,000 round-the-world cycling trip on a penny farthing .

Anybody played this game? Our real life version involves driving to work in old clapped out Peugots and Mazdas...brmm, brmm.

There is always a bit of a who-haa when it comes to making tea in the Dirt office. Maybe it's like riding bikes too. Everybody has their personel preference of what they like. I love my tea really dark and strong where as for instance Jonesy prefers a sweet milky brew. This leads to loads of arguments about PMT, Poorly Made Tea. These cups look like the ideal solution with there pantones clearly marked.

Take Five is one of my fav songs, so here's the man Dave Brubeck.

Friday Randoms from dirt mountain bike magazine