Today is Friday 7th August, tight trousered tap rocker Bruce Dickinson's Birthday. Happy Birthday Brucie.

Iron Maiden-The Trooper.

Forget the Megavalanche or The Mountain Of Hell, I think the next extreme race on the calender has to be this couriers race through London. "A total discrespect for the law"

This website does what it says on the tin "Ross Kemp Folds"

This Hitler sketch has had many comedy incarnations, the latest subtitle wheez is in a BMX styley. Any body got any good films to do a Dirt Office sketch with?

Saladini leads. World Cup 4X, Maribor, Slovenia

The astonishing 3D murals painted on the sides of buildings by a trompe l'oeil artist.

Kind of topical one this. Near UCI World Cup round#6 finals in Monte Sainte Anne there is a hydro electric damn and tourist attraction called Les Sept Chutes, I popped up there took some photos and wazzed them on the webber. A keen canoe fan saw them then sent me this video of a guy called Steve Fisher "canoeing" off the falls. Sketch-a-mon-doo.

This can only happen in Russia. Actually I think it's about time we did a Russian road trip.

Alex Rankin posted this lovely film on his website. It's all shot with a Nikon D300.

Remember your highway code? Mirror, signal, manoeuvre. This guy doesn't get past the "mirror" bit. I think he's a bit OCD.

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