Get your brain ready, it's time for it to absorb a whole pile of randomness...

Don't know about you lot, but this blew my mind.

A bit more mind blowing stuff, this time water running uphill.

Definitely one of the most original skate vids we've ever seen. A must watch.

Everyone is using a GoPro these days, even Superman!


Can you see it?

Some of us went track cycling yesterday with the legend that is Chris Boardman, but I'm not sure we'd have been able to pull off this move.

Thankfully this didn't happen though.

And if you're ever going to ride on a wooden velodrome then don't watch this video first. You'll have splinter nightmares forever.

We're clearly in the wrong business.

Honda do some cool shit.

Talking of cool shit, who knew you could make something so rad from just potatoes and tonic water.


That's just freaky.


And so is that.

Definitely random, but these cartoons definitely shouldn't have been rejected.

European Flight Traffic Visualisation for 24 Hours...that's a LOT of flights!

I need a pond and some fish just so I can have one of these.

Now that's what you call a match point.

Let's crush some shit.

And to play you out this week a very random song about a tractor from Polish hit makers 'Blenders', but what makes this even more random is the fact that the lead singer is now better known as Mr NS Bikes!

Have a good weekend folks!