Your weekly session of randomness awaits, complete with an insanely talented two year old skateboarder...

This kid has to be the next Tony Hawk.

Unfortunately it looks like we might have to stop saying scooter riders are just people who can't ride a bike. Or maybe it's just that BMX is actually a piece of piss?

An incredible bit of free diving...and filming.


Excuse me bear, this trampoline is only for children.

Luckily for the officer bears are actually extremely friendly and polite.

Some serious finger skills going down here. (Make sure you keep watching for the full effect)

More music, but this time courtesy of nothing but noises made by a bicycle!


When panoramic shots go bad. More gems of this nature can be found here.


Some sound advice.

Ever wanted to get really fat and bloated? Well here's how...

Don't you just hate it when the petrol pump hose won't reach properly...

I need one of these in my life.

I'm sure I could have some fun with one of these too.

And to play us out this week a killer tune from the Black Lips. (warning though, the video is a bit fucked up).

Have a good weekend!