So often on Friday Randoms we are amazed at the time people spend to create something beautiful but far from useful, but our discovery this week takes that concept to a whole new level...


It looks like a regular, if rather mint P.K. Ripper doesn't it.


But that's not one seriously big drill, this is in fact an incredible 1/3 scale model of a P.K. Ripper, and to say the attention to detail is insane is putting it mildly. Apparently it took three years to make, which isn't surprising when you realise that every single one of the machined tyre blocks was glued on by hand! And that's just the tyres! If you click here then you can see just how much work went into every single part of this bike, but be warned your mind will be blown.

Talking of minds being blown, we were amazed by this stuff when they released their first video last year, and this latest video of theirs has just reminded us how much we'd love to get a bike covered in this stuff.

Now I am loving the Winter Olympics as it is, but imagine how good it would be if it really was like this.

Pretty amazing story.

Bullseye! (Or should I say pigs eye?)

We love a good random animation.

Now this just made me feel sick. They must have a screw loose.

Ummmm...I couldn't take all that in.

The difference between the look of enjoyment and the look of sheer terror can be a very fine line.

If only real rain was this cool, then we might not be so pissed off with it.

Remember, nasty tweets and comments are mean whoever you send them too.

Seeing as it's Valentines day we thought we'd give you a classic cheesy love song this week...

But we're guessing some of you might not be feeling too lovey dovey today, so this one is for you.

And if you have just been dumped then it's probably best not to go down the route the guy does in this ace short film.