Your weekly serving of randomness awaits, complete with goats, crashes, squirrels, and an incredible 8 year old guitarist...

Believe it or not this Goat Simulator is a real game. Full random points awarded.

Beautiful, and strangely hypnotic. Well worth a watch.

I always thought it was impossible to cover a Nirvana song without it sounding shit, but this has proved me wrong. That's how you do an original cover.

I dread to think how long this took to make. Beautiful though.

How to look like a complete dickhead in one easy move.

Definitely one of the funniest bike crashes we've seen in a while.

I think his style was inspired by this cat.

Random, and I mean random, music video.


I normally don't approve of feeding grey squirrels, but hey if your feeder is like this then all is forgiven.

New street cleaning technology is coming...

That's how you save time.

Ever think you know what someone is going to sound like before they sing?

Here's another one that's not quite like you'd expect. This time it's an eight year old girl with a guitar.


Can't argue with that.


That's what I call moving house.

Piece of piss.

And to play us out this week a new musical discovery for us. What a voice, what a tune.