A big serving of randomness awaits...

Are athletes really getting faster, better, stronger?

Great film about the Cuban skate scene, a country with no skate shop.

Only in Russia.

Ever wondered why some people are so lazy? Well here's the explanation.


Yeah he's not too shabby with a guitar.


Cats puking to techno. And why not.

Don't look so clever now do you.

Proof that farts are always funny, even in the most serious of situations.

All that effort to make a paper plane and it doesn't even fly!

Meet Wayne the Stegosaurus.

That's commitment.

As is that!

Kids in shell suits getting their rave gurns honed. Weren't the 90's ace.

And finally to play us out this week we're going to stick with the 90's rave theme and go with a Prodigy classic.

Have a good weekend folks!