Your weekly collection of randomness awaits...

I think this guy needs to think less about curing a hangover, and more about stopping taking whatever he's taking. Worryingly there's a whole more videos like this here.

Rodents on turntables. Say no more.

This reminds me of way too many bike product videos.

Solar roads for the win I reckon. Seriously, if this idea actually works it could be revolutionary.

Ram by name, ram by nature.


How to do an interview when off your tits.


Penis shaped things never cease to amuse us.

Thankfully some people have waaaaay too much spare time. Otherwise we'd never get to see stuff like this.

A great video about the man behind that smallest V-12 engine in the world.

Personally I prefer my engines bigger and glowing red hot.

This guy could do with a few less horses I reckon. He might not be dead now, but at that rate he soon will be.

Don't normally go to church, but I'd be up for going to this one.

Was it just me who wanted him to wipe out?

Slayer ukulele style.

That's one way to put out a fire.

Best fancy dress costume ever.

And finally to play us out this week a classic from Belle & Sebastian. For some reason this tune always gets played on our drive back from Fort William each year. Can't wait for this year!

Have a good weekend folks!